Gold Upper Cross Glass

52.00$ 35.00$

Old world values meet new world innovation in our individual, hand-crafted decorative crosses.

+ Combination of coated cast metal and tempered glass / Olive wood cylinder
+ Decorated Holy words is printed onto paper
+ 2.2″ x 1.9″
+ Blessing is printed onto paper or handwritten.
+ Initial discount
+ Buy 4, Get 5

52.00$ 35.00$

You Save: $7.00

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Your room, your office, your space for complete freedom and expression of your faith. Yet, upon entering, something feels missing, That feeling that even when no one is around, you’re sleeping or busy focusing on one thing or another, You are under His watchful, protective eye.

With Cremono, your belief is present, pronounced and proud. Cremono gives you protection and religious awareness from the time you enter the room, until you exit. A Cremono decorative cross (2.5” in length) is containing a personal prayer and acknowledgement of faith, and it is the best way to proclaim and express your strong, unwavering and pure faith – and make every room feel complete.

Install your Cremono interior cross along the upper section of your door frame. The entire process is quick and simple. All you need to do is to make sure the selected area is dry and clean and then remove the stickers and the hold the bracelet for a few seconds.

Cremono – Be proud to believe.


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