What payment methods do you accept?
Credit card and Paypal

How can I place my order?
At this time, we only accept orders by email and through our website.

Is my order secure?

What happens if I order an out-of-stock item?
We generally promise delivery within two weeks. Should unforeseen stock issues arise, we commit to deliver your Cremono within six weeks

Can I order your item as a gift? Do you have gift certificates?
Cremono is shipped in a beautiful decorative box which is ideal for the presentation of your personalized spiritual icon as a gift to those you love most.

What if the item I receive is damaged?
Please be in contact with our customer service department by email and a new product will be shipped to your address. We ask you to send a photograph of the damaged item so that we can verify the damage and improve our shipping process. We take no responsibility for damage related to the reuse of the adhesive patches that attach the product to the wall.

Once I’ve placed my order, can I cancel it?
Unfortunately, our products are made to order and customized to your personal requirements. As such, it is not possible to cancel a finalized order.

Can I return an item?
Because our items are made according to each customer’s wishes, it’s not possible to return an item.

Do you ship orders to international locations?
We ship to most international locations. Please check the shipping cost to your specific location.

What is the cost of shipping?
Cost of delivery is included in the price of the product, but express delivery incurs an extra cost, depending on the shipping location.

How long does it take to receive an order?
Usually 10-12 working days (approximately 2 weeks). In an unusual case it may take up to 6 weeks.