What is Cremono

Cremono was founded to help Christians connect to their roots and beliefs and express their identity with joy. We saw the need for high quality Christian products that integrate old-world values with new-world innovation, enable men and women to show their pride in their Christian values and beliefs through our handcrafted, decorative pieces.

Ther name, Cremono, reflects the joy and devotion we feel, Whilst serving one God and Christ, His only Son.

Cre comes from the Latin word Credo, I Believe.

Mono is derived from the Latin word for one – One God, One Father,
One Son.

Together, we are Cremono – One Faith, One Belief.

Unwavering faith graceful servitude deserves to be showcased through high quality materials that do justice to the God we revere. Steeped in the spirituality of the Holy Land and Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth, each of our hand-crafted decorative crosses is as unique as you are.

Bring the faith of the Holy Land to your doors, shield your souls with Divine protection, inspiration and express your Christian pride modernly, yet authentically with a Cremono icon of faith.