• I am standing at the door knocking;
    "if you hear my voice and open the door,
    I will come in to you and eat with you,
    and you with me"


Our Reverends

About Cremono

Cremono is founded on the understanding that as Christians who are proud of our beliefs, we wish to express our identity with joy. We saw the need for high quality Christian products which enable men and women to show their pride in their beliefs and Christian values.

About the Product

Old world values meet new world innovation in our individual, hand-crafted decorative crosses.
+ Combination of coated cast metal and tempered glass / Olive wood
+ Decorated Holy words is printed onto paper
+ 5″ x 2″
+ Wooden box
+ Initial discount


Cremono home

Cremono home




“I feel as though there’s an extra level of protection around my home”
“My Cremono cross brings me a sense of pride that now I can display my Christian identity in a beautiful and classy way”
“My new Cremono is beautiful and decorative, fitting in perfectly with my decor”